Thursday, November 19, 2009

How To Have American Sex: The Final Word

We started this blog with a mission: to explore the various facets of the American mentality about sex. We put our thoughts, ideas, and opinions out here into cyberspace and, with your help, facilitated a discussion that drew a comprehensive picture of the nation's sexiest people! Our thanks go out to every one of our readers for taking the time to give us thoughtful feedback on our various posts. And now, without further ado, the WebMistresses of Red, Sex, and Blue present to you...


1. Sex is Choice
The decision to have or not have sex is a choice. To pressure someone about the decisions that they should make about their own body is wrong. Whether alone, with a partner, or as part of a Roman-style party, the word "no" is as acceptable and easily heard as the word "yes".

2. Sex is Expression
Everyone doesn't dress the same way, speak the same language, or even eat the same food. So why should sex be confined to one standard? There is no "right way" to have sex or to express one's sexuality. Not everyone has to agree with another's expression, but they do have to respect it. From missionary, to outdoors, to leather and lace, freedom of sexual expression is as American as apple long as there is whipped cream!

3. Sex is Individual
The definition as well as the significance of sex is going to change from person to person. What may be spiritually binding for one, may be simple, enjoyable fun for another. These differences should not be subject to judgement, but should be openly communicated, which is why the next charter point is...

4. Sex is Vocal
Communication is key! Only when people are honest about what they want and need sexually-with themselves and each other-can true sexual fulfillment be attained.

5. Sex is Necessary
Some people have sex; others don't. Sex is a way for people to bond, reproduce, and enjoy themselves. What is important to acknowledge is that sex is a driving force behind many facets of our society (consumerism, religion, and politics, to name a few), and ignoring it will not make it go away.

6. Sex is Educated
With so many STDs and STIs being contracted and treated every day, sex can be a dangerous activity. Not to mention the frequency of unplanned families for people who are not prepared for the responsibility. Too many of these incidents can be prevented by giving people the tool they need to defend themselves: knowledge. Sex education (based on scientific fact rather than moral philosophy) helps people make informed decisions that keep all involved parties happy and safe.

7. Sex is Genderless
From a historical context, sex has never been only between one man and one woman. The range of gender dynamics and vocabulary have expanded and changed so much, that to define sex as an activity between two individuals of opposite genders will exclude a large part of the American population. In today's American society, individual roles that are chosen hold more significance than gender roles that are prescribed.

8. Sex is Private
Simply put, what goes on in the private life of a person, couple, or group is no one's business but their own. To be nosy and judgemental is like loving to go to the beach but being allergic to sand. Mind your own.

9. Sex is Timeless
People don't stop having sex just because they are no longer young. Don't put an expiration date on something that has the potential to improve! With maturity, comes wisdom, and with wisdom, better choices in life and in love!

10. Sex is Social
America is a society that incorporates sex into its everyday life. As citizens, we share, teach, love, ask, answer, and uplift everyday as we connect from person to person. Sex is a part of life, and American life functions as a community.

Thank you for your participation. Now...go forth and have fun! Comment and let us know if you think our Charter for Sex can change America!


The WebMistrisses of Red, Sex, and Blue

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