Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll give you head for a McDouble

Sex is nothing more than a commodity that is traded for other goods such as material wants and emotional needs. People will have sex so they can give or receive pleasure, intimacy and gifts from their sexual partner. When people are in some type of committed relationship they will trade sex for chores. Giving flowers, candy, cards, poetry and other trinkets to someone is bartering for some sexual favors. This bartering system promotes the relationships of sugar daddy/momma and sugar baby. Although the culture of older women acting as sugar mommas that pamper young men and spoil them with endless expensive gifts. I found that so interesting that older women from England are going to Africa to date men young enough to be their grandsons. These young men are being cared for by these older women using the money and gifts given to them these men are just trying to survive. The young men do not believe that being "sugar babies" is not so bad because they have sex with these women once or twice a week. Does this aspect of the young men make them prostitutes and the older women pimps? When a older gentleman starts dating a young woman it is more acceptable. Or is it? Would you be a "sugar baby"? What do you think about offering sex to survive? Can sex be traded for goods? Is it okay to trade sex for other goods? Which is more important to trade sex for, emotion or money? Which is given more often?


  1. Although I don't agree with everything that you have stated here I can't deny the level of truth that is hidden within. One thing I have learned about sex and life is that it is all in how you define it. What the act means to you. If you want to sit down and systematically break down what sex really is feel free but there will always be those that see it in a different light. You may call them sugar daddies and sugar mommas but imagine, What if these sugar daddies and sugar mommas truly love and care for there younger opposites. What if the people in the relationship truly love each other, you may see trading sex for chores and favors ect but they may see sex as coming closer to God or whatever diety they identify with. Its all in how you define it.

  2. In my opinion i believe sex is just sex, what it means to any individual depends on the circumstances. For any two random people to have sex means nothing yet for two people who love each other to have sex can be the greatest and most wonderful thing ever. Sex is a thing that people may use to barter just like any other thing, or they may cherish and enjoy, or they may abuse. I think that's as far as it goes.

  3. The sugar daddy/momma and sugar baby can fall in love but in the beginning I highly doubt love had anything to do with their relationship because there is no such thing as "love at first sight." It is the same as a hooker or an escort, they are paid for their services which is both sex and companionship. Later on in the relationship their sexual acts can have meaning to it though.